Student Accommodation Cleaning

Uni? Completed it, mate.

You’ve worked so hard all year and now the time comes where you must leave your student accommodation, but your landlord doesn’t want you to leave a mess behind. Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional cleaner at the end of your tenancy.

You’ve done your bit.

Congratulations on surviving a whole year of university. As you’ve just discovered, it’s hard to live and work at the same time, balance between friends and responsibilities is hard to keep. You’ve managed to get all your assignments done and now it’s time to celebrate. The last thing you want to do is spend the precious time you have living with your friends cleaning!

Dolla dolla bills

Money. Student life has been unexpectedly expensive, so you NEED that deposit back. Landlords take a deposit to protect themselves against any repairs or cleaning they have to do after you’ve left. You can take away the chance of not getting your deposit back by chipping in with your housemates to get a professional in, making it look like you haven’t even spent one night there. You’ve partied, you’ve had culinary nightmares, but all this can be reversed with a deep clean. It’s well worth the security of knowing you’ll all get some money back to enjoy the summer with.


Chances are you’ve done very little cleaning since you haven’t had dear old Ma and Pa to give you a push into it. Don’t take the chance of ruining the carpet trying to get that red wine stain out. Bleach is the go-to cleaning product but did you know that it can ruin and discolour furniture, sinks, and baths if not used correctly? It’s not worth the risk of losing that sweet, sweet deposit. Cleaning can be physically draining if you don’t know what product to use where. Don’t waste your time and energy scrubbing away!

Mr Mop Head student accommodation cleaning
Mr Mop Head and his mop

What next?

You’re already in the right place. Mr Mop Head is an expert when it comes to student accommodation cleaning. Get in touch with him for a no obligation chat about what he can do for you.

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