Student Accommodation Cleaning

Uni? Completed it, mate. You’ve worked so hard all year and now the time comes where you must leave your student accommodation, but your landlord doesn’t want you to leave a mess behind. Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional cleaner at the end of your tenancy.…

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Mr Mop Head’s composting guide

Composting: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your flowerbeds, potted indoor plants, and herb gardens are yearning for the good stuff; compost. They want your potato peelings, the cucumber you left a bit too long in the fridge, the too-bruised-to-eat apple that’s been hanging around in your car and…

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Why do I use a Henry vacuum cleaner?
Mr Mop Head and his Henry vacuum in action

Why do I use a Henry vacuum cleaner?

I, like many other cleaners use a Henry vacuum cleaner. There's a reason why they have been so popular over the years, and I'll give you my perspective. For the purpose of this post, I am categorizing all types of Numatic bagged cylinder vacuum cleaners into one, this includes Henry.…

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